Mt. Olive Lutheran SCHOOL

Early Childhood (33 Months)

 Through 8th Grade

OUr MIssion

Mt. Olive Evangelical Lutheran School exists to train up children for academic and spiritual excellence while enabling them to know, grow, and live in their Christian faith. 

OUr Vision

Mt. Olive desires to reach all in our church and in our community with the saving message of the Gospel. We strive to accomplish this by offering daily spiritual, academic, and physical education.

Our Location

Conveniently located just over four blocks East of Hwy 12. Students who live in Delano or the Delano School District have the option to ride the bus to school each morning.  

Providing A Christ Centered Education

Mt. Olive provides students with a Christ-centered education where they learn that they are redeemed children of God and forgiven through their Savior’s death and resurrection. We teach this by daily studying God’s Word and integrating God’s Word into other subjects. Mt. Olive also teaches the core subjects: Mathematics, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Fine Arts to prepare students for high school and beyond. 

"We have been blessed to be a part of Mt. Olive for the past 9 years. The teachers and staff are truly invested in each and every child academically and it has really shown in our children's test scores! But for us as parents, the most rewarding part is seeing our children's faith grow and flourish, and seeing them apply it in everyday life. Mt. Olive truly is equipping children for life and eternity!" 

~Kassy Kranz (Parent), Delano, MN

Mt. Olive Quick Facts

"Mt. Olive has been such a blessing for our entire family. The smaller class sizes and having the same teacher for more than one year has helped with consistency and expectations in the classroom. The opportunity to receive help from older kids in the room and to help younger kids in the room provide deeper understanding of the subjects as well. The lessons beyond the books that they learn from Mt. Olive are invaluable!"

~Amanda Kreuter (Parent), Montrose, MN

ExtraCurricular Activities

Mt. Olive provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities for our students 

in the areas of athletics, academics, and fine arts.



Fine Arts

"Mt. Olive provides excellent academics, along with numerous extracurricular activities that every child can participate in."

~Lacy Punt (Parent), Delano, MN

Our Affiliations & Accreditation